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About The CMFs

   The CMFs, also known as The Classy Mother Fu?kers, are a versatile "Hard Rock" trio emerging from the sands of the Southern California deserts. Bound by no labels or limits in terms of genres or otherwise, The CMFs have been jamming out raw and powerful music since 2014, developing a classic yet original sound inspired by classic bands from the 60's and 70's. Performing for any music loving crowd possible, they've been called upon to perform for nearly every venue-type and audience imaginable. From backyard punk shows and dive bars to charity fundraisers and music festivals, the band is truly rooted in music and the passion for playing the tunes they love for the people who love them!

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A Classy Mother Fu?king History

 The CMFs debuted with the release of their Demo Album, "Dull Entertainment" in August of 2014. The band had never played a show before, but that didn't stop them from quickly growing into one of the most prevalent acts of the Coachella Valley Music Scene! Determined and setting out to make a name for themselves through their music, The CMFs eventually began receiving support from Valley radio stations, news and newspaper outlets, as well as being nominated for numerous CV Music Awards throughout the years; In other words, The CMFs quickly grew into a force to be reckoned with! And so, after performing countless shows over the span of multiple years, mastering their craft while progressing their sound and ambitions, the band delved into the studio to record their debut full length album.

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 In December of 2020, The CMFs finally had 13 of their most impactful songs recorded and ready for release... The only problem? The majority of the country was under lockdown to the global pandemic. So with no clear sight as to how long they would have to wait before they could get out in front of all of their classy fans, Covid forced their hand. Shortly after their debut album's release, The CMFs announced their most ambitious project to date: A brand new single to be released every month of the year in 2021!

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This year will, by far, be the most critical and exciting year the band has ever faced! Two singles are in the books, but there is still so much more to come along the way! So buckle up, enjoy the ride, and above all else... Stay Classy!


To hear all of the band's classiest recordings to date, click the link below!

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